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Kickdrive User Manual

The CAN Interface module controls the communication interface to the CAN network. This is usually a CAN-USB interface with the following parameters:

Communication Port

The default setting (first found) will use the first fullmo USB2Drive device found. It is the standard setting for CAN / CANopen applications.


Third-Party Hardware Support

The CAN Interface module also supports several third-party hardware configurations. The following interfaces can be selected in the Communication Port box:

Communication Port


Device Drivers and Technical Support

vscom or

COM5COM6 etc.

VSCOM USB-CAN. (The COMx syntax is an alternative which allows multiple CAN interfaces for special applications.)


IXXAT CAN devices (VCI 3 API)


Lawicel CANUSB


Peak PCAN-USB products


All Kvaser CAN products supported by the Kvaser CANLIB API


CAN PC Interfaces from EMS Thomas W√ľnsche


Movimento Castor USB


MHS Elektronik Tiny-CAN






Third-party hardware usually requires the installation of additional drivers available from the vendor. Please consult the documentation supplied by the vendor to make sure your CAN interface is properly installed and configured. For any issues or questions concerning specific devices, please contact our Technical Support for assistance.



Kickdrive only provides basic support for third-party hardware interfaces and does not intend to support their capabilities to a full extend. Usually only one CAN channel is available though Kickdrive, and time stamping is based on PC time stamps, not on more accurate hardware time stamps that a specific interface might provide.


Baud Rate

The (scan) setting is used when you are connecting to a CAN network or device with an unknown baud rate. The baud rate scan will actively reset the nodes and try to access any existing CAN node.



The baud rate scan uses a CANopen NMT communication reset which will might will interfere with any running application. Never use baud rate scan in an automation network or in a drive application which is in normal operation mode.



The baud rate scan or any previous access attempt with mismatching baud rate can render the network inaccessible. I.e. one or all CAN nodes, or the CAN interface's controller itself have entered a "bus off" state and are no longer communicating. If the baud rate scan fails for no obvious reason, please power cycle all CAN nodes and then the CAN Interface itself.


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