Main Screen and Toolbar

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The Kickdrive main screen is divided into three sections:


Kickdrive Main Screen Layout


1 - Menu and Toolbar Area

The menu and toolbar area stays the same for all Kickdrive project.

hmtoggle_plus1Main Toolbar Functions


2 - Modules Area

This area shows the Kickdrive Modules available with the currently opened project. Greyed out items are modules that require a higher User Level for access. Editing the module tree is also possible, but requires a higher User Level, too.


3 - Content Area

Clicking on a module symbol in the modules area ScreenLayoutCircle2 will open a detailed view of this module or a specific function (e.g. "CAN Monitor") in the content area ScreenLayoutCircle3. The content area allows docking and stacking of several module views. When saving a project, the layout of the content area is remembered and restored when re-opening the project.