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Kickdrive User Manual

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User Level

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User levels can be used in Kickdrive projects to limit access to modules that are not needed for standard operation, or that need to be used with extra precautions.

The password protection is not intended to prohibit access to certain users, but rather as an indication that you are now operating on a more advanced level. The default user levels and passwords are:

User Level


0 - Demo


1 - Standard


2 - Expert





Different versions of the Kickdrive software may use different user levels and passwords.



The highest User Level tasks can require additional expert knowledge about the controlled devices, or could possibly render a device unusable or cause other damage.


Changing the required User Level for a module

The minimum User Level required for a specific module is stored in the Kickdrive project file. To modify these settings, perform the following steps:

Store your project as a .kickpro Uncompressed Project File as described in Projects and Templates.

Edit the .kickpro file using a standard text editor or a specialized XML editor. Search for the userLevel="..." attributes and change accordingly.

To convert your modified project file back into a .kickzip or .kicktpl file, please follow the instructions in Projects and Templates.

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