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Kickdrive - CANopen Tools for Windows


fullmo Kickdrive Software Download

fullmo Kickdrive [.exe]

Download the portable trial version of fullmo Kickdrive. To purchase a license, visit our Online Shop.

After downloading, double-click on fullmoKickdrivePortable.exe to extract the contents to a folder on your computer or on a removable media (disk-on-key). Go to that folder and run fullmoKickdrive.exe.

Kickdrive Zero [.exe]

Download Kickdrive Zero, the Freeware alternative to fullmo Kickdrive. After downloading, run KickdriveZero.exe to start the application.

DriveScriptPlayground [.exe]

Download the DriveScriptPlayground - a one-click demo application created using fullmo Kickdrive's Runtime Generator. To see what's behind all this, download the DriveScriptPlayground project file for fullmo Kickdrive.

Release Notes [.txt]

Release notes and version history.


System Requirements

fullmo Kickdrive and Kickdrive Zero System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.

CAN Interface

fullmo USB2drive or a third-party CAN Interface supported.



fullmo Kickdrive PDF documentation

fullmo Kickdrive User Manual [.pdf]

User manual for fullmo Kickdrive. This document is also available as an Online Manual.

Kickdrive Zero User Manual [.pdf]

User manual for Kickdrive Zero.

fullmo USB2drive datasheet [.pdf]

Technical specifications and instructions for the fullmo USB2drive interface.


For additional information, see our Support section or e-mail us at


Trial Version Restrictions

The trial version of fullmo Kickdrive showcases the full functionality of the product. However, after 30 minutes, you will be reminded that you can enjoy the benefits of a registered version by purchasing a license from our Online Shop. Along with the notification, all Kickdrive project modules (CAN Interface, CANopen Drives, Automation Module, etc.) will be stopped. They can be manually restarted.

The login data for the Updates functionality (download software updates, templates, projects and more) is only available to license holders.


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