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Kickdrive - CANopen Tools for Windows

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PC Software in Motion

fullmo Kickdrive is a Windows configuration and testing software for CAN/CANopen networks, CAN/CANopen position drives and other motion-oriented applications in automation industry.

Kickdrive Zero is the zero-cost Freeware edition - download it now and get started immediately using your existing CAN interface.


kickdrive_thumb_drivesetup fullmo USB2Drive Kickdrive 3D Teach-In App   Watch the video


Why fullmo Kickdrive?

Easy to use.

Highly customizable - grows with your needs.

Out-of-the-box support for Qt Quick and Python programming.

Portable - No installation required. Generate and distribute one-click service apps.



With fullmo Kickdrive you can

Operate and service CANopen products from fullmo GmbH and

Make your own CAN/CANopen service software with your own look and features.

Perform CAN/CANopen analysis using CAN Bus Monitor, CANopen object readout, CANopen data logging and oscilloscope, CANopen network analysis and monitoring.

Create your own smartphone-like user interfaces using HTML and Qt Quick technology.

Create specialized setup tools for your own CANopen product.

Create one-click configuration or service tools for field service.

Share your project as a one-click runtime executable (.exe) and distribute it to your clients and technicians. No installation or licensing required on the client side.

Create in-house testing systems.


fullmo Kickdrive is designed for use with the fullmo USB2drive interface, but is also a standalone software product that can be used with a range of third-party CAN to USB interfaces. Find out more about fullmo Kickdrive, or start now and download a trial version.


Already Using Other CAN Hardware/Software?

Check out Kickdrive Zero, our Freeware edition working out of the box with IXXAT, PEAK, LAWICEL, VSCOM, MHS Tiny-CAN and other popular CAN interfaces.


fullmo Kickdrive and Kickdrive Zero are products by Kickdrive Software Solutions and fullmo GmbH in Germany.




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