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Third-Party Hardware Support

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In addition to the fullmo USB2drive gateway, fullmo Kickdrive supports other CAN to USB third-party hardware products. Please consult the documentation supplied by the vendor to make sure your third-party CAN interface is properly installed and configured.

Please note - Support for third-party hardware is a new addition to fullmo Kickdrive and could only be tested to a limited extend. If you encounter any issue or have a question concerning one of the following devices, please contact us via email:


Third-Party CAN Interface Support

Device Drivers and Technical Support

IXXAT CAN devices (VCI 3 API)

Lawicel (CANUSB)

Peak PCAN-USB products /  Peak PCAN Light API


MHS Elektronik Tiny-CAN

Kvaser CAN products / Kvaser CANLIB API

EMS, CAN PC Interfaces from EMS Thomas W√ľnsche

Movimento Castor USB


Industrial software and services from Kickdrive Software Solutions / Impressum