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Kickdrive User Manual

The Setup panel is used for various configuration and simple testing tasks:




Use initial setup functions with care. It is strongly recommended to perform initial setup functions with only one drive unit connected to Kickdrive, and not within a full CANopen installation with several drive nodes.

Initial Setup

Assign or change the CAN Node ID or CAN Baud Rate.


The following panels are available after starting a drive node using the Start Drive button:

Test Velocity

Switch the drive to operation mode "Profile Velocity Mode" and perform basic velocity control (set target velocity, acceleration and deceleration).

Test Position

Switch the drive to operation mode "Profile Position Mode" and perform basic positioning control. (Set target position and enable positioning; set additional profile position parameters like velocity.)


Test basic homing methods, including Homing Mode 35 to reset the actual position to zero (new reference position) without moving the drive.


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