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Kickdrive - CANopen Tools for Windows

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Technical Support

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Contact Us

For any questions, requests or issues concerning Kickdrive, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FAQ section may have the answer to your question.


Troubleshooting, Known Issues, Bugs

Check our Known Issues & Bugs section. If you have a different problem, please contact us at for individual support.


fullmo Kickdrive Documentation

See the Online Manual for searchable documentation on fullmo Kickdrive, or the Download section for downloadable PDF documentation.


Kickdrive Zero Documentation

You can download the Kickdrive Zero PDF User Manual in our Download section.


External Resources

The following are links to documentation or reference material for technologies used for extending Kickdrive functionality, i.e. for automating Kickdrive using Python scripting or for creating customized UI elements using Qt Quick technology. You can always contact us for additional information at


External, Third-Party Documentation

Python 2.6.7 Documentation

Official user documentation for the Python 2.6.7 engine included in fullmo Kickdrive.

Qt Quick / QML Reference

Qt Quick (QML 2) is used in fullmo Kickdrive's UI Panel module. If you wish to add your own QML components, this is the reference for Qt Quick's QML language.

Getting Started Programming with Qt Quick / QML

An introduction to Qt Quick and QML development.

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