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CANopen Node - UI Format

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User Level 2 is required to switch to Design Mode, which makes the UI Format column available for editing.

The UI Format column in the Parameter Editor table configures the editing control available for each data object.

Custom UI Format settings for each object allow a clean and intuitive on-the-fly visualization of its value. For example, a dial and a slider for integer data within a well-defined min/max range, or a combo box for multiple-choice parameters.




The UI Format settings described below are not identical to the ones used for the UI Panel. However, if you drag a data object from the UI Panel or the Object Editor and drop it on the CANopen Node panel, appropriate conversions and additions are applied.


The UI Format value is a list of key-value attribute pairs, delimited by semi-colons (“;”). The following is a description of the available attributes:


Defines the type of data to be visualized.




Integer values are displayed as a textbox, a dial and a slider. See the range attribute to define min/max values.


Texts are displayed using a textbox only.


A combo box. This is useful for objects that accept a limited set of different values with different meanings. The  values available and their descriptions are defined using the options attribute. See below for more information and an example.



Defines the minimum and maximum values. For example:





Used with type:combo. This specifies a list of available options and their corresponding values.


options:<value_1>,<text _1>|<value_2>,<text_2> | ... (etc.)

For example, here is a combo box to choose between 4 different values (0, 1, 3 or 6):

type:combo; options:0,Reset|1,Profile Position|3,Velocity Mode|6,Homing Mode


Example UI Format Definitions

UI Format



A simple label or a text box. This can be used to display or edit (if writable) any value.

type:integer; range:0,100

A textbox, a slider and a dial, accepting values between 0 and 100.

type:combo; options:0,Reset|

1,Profile Position|

3,Velocity Mode|6,Homing Mode

A combo box with the specified options (Reset, Profile Position, Velocity Mode, Homing Mode) and corresponding values (0, 1, 3, 6).

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