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Kickdrive User Manual

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Terms Used

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Qualified personnel

Personnel who are familiar with the installation, assembly, commissioning and operation of the product and are qualified to carry out the respective activities.



Controller Area Network. Field bus design according to ISO 11898-1.



CAN-based higher layer protocol designed for use in motion-oriented machine control networks, as maintained by  


CAN Interface

Accessory to connect the PC with the CAN bus network. Usually this is a CAN-USB interface, but other options (e.g. CAN-NET via Ethernet TCP) can be available.  



CANopen device, identified by a Node ID in the range of 1..127.


CANopen Drive

EC position drive that can be configured and operated using Kickdrive, e.g. ebm-papst ECI series.



A programming and scripting language under OSI Open Source License, maintained by . Kickdrive currently uses the Python 2.6.7 implementation.


Data Object

A device parameter or value that can be read out and/or modified using Kickdrive. For CANopen devices a data object is referenced by the Node ID, and the object index and subindex. Kickdrive uses the following standard format for a Data Object ID:

127.1000h.00h (here: Node ID = 127, object index 1000h and subindex 0h)

CANopen object data values are obtained using SDO or PDO transfer.


SDO Service Data Object

CANopen SDO transfers are used for low priority reading and writing of device parameters and objects. SDO Upload (read from device) and SDO Download (write to device) specifications define different standard methods of reading and writing different types of data, including optimized transfers for large blocks of data.


PDO Process Data Object

CANopen devices produce or consume PDO CAN frames. They are used for fast data transfer of critical process data. Before using PDO transfer, the CANopen device must be configured, i.e. the content of the PDO object must be defined (PDO Mapping). Two types of PDOs are defined for CANopen:

Transmit PDO (TPDO) - process data produced by the device node, e.g. status and position information.

Receive PDO (RPDO) - process data consumed by the device node, e.g. control command.



XML Device Description File (.xdd) / XML Device Configuration File (.xdc).

XDD files contain a dictionary of device functions and parameters and supersede the classic .eds files (Electronic DataSheet).

XDC file in addition contain parameter values for device configuration and supersede the .dcf file format (Device Configuration File).


Qt Quick / QML

Qt Quick is a new user interface (UI) technology and development kit for creating rich, attractive user interfaces in minimum time.

QML is a declarative user interface language based on Javascript. It describes how user interface elements look and how they behave.

Kickdrive projects can make use of Qt Quick technology to build custom designed screens and attractive end user applications. Kickdrive from version 2.0 uses Qt Quick 2 / QML2.

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