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Kickdrive User Manual

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Scope - Getting Started

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Drag one or several Data Objects from the Object Editor, and drop them on the Scope configuration table.

Make sure the Sampling field is set to Software mode. Use the Rate field to adjust the sampling rate (samples/msec). Use the Scaling field to modify the values using a factor or a basic mathematical expression.

Use the Start and Stop toolbar buttons to enable or disable sampling.

To create a Plot Panel for a monitored data object, double-click its row in the configuration table. The plot will display the latest available data. To create a plot for multiple data objects, use Create Plot, and choose the data object (or multiple objects) to include in the plot.

To configure and toggle triggers, use the Triggers module.

Click Record to start a Recording and store all sampled data to a file.

To load an existing recording, use the Open button and select a .csv file. You can define Triggers to filter the recorded data.

To go back to live scope and data logging, use the Live Mode button.




When opening a .csv recording file, make sure that the matching .xml file is present in the same folder.

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