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But Wait, There's More!

The fullmo Kickdrive standard modules cover a lot of ground, but you can go even further, making use of the integrated Qt Quick technology. In addition to the QML elements for CANopen objects already included in Kickdrive, you can add your own QML code and create fully-personalized applications.


Working with the UI Panel

Using the UI Panel module, you can build a personalized user interface for different scenarios and applications. Design and configure a panel of controls linked to CANopen parameters of your device. Need a custom control or visualization, such as a company logo? All you need to do is to write your own QML code block and reference it.

For additional documentation resources about QML integration, contact our Technical Support.


Custom Applications

Using integrated Qt Quick / QML technology, it is possible to create a standalone software application for a specific use or task. fullmo Kickdrive will essentially serve as a runtime environment, providing all the CANopen or other fieldbus infrastructure you need. The interaction with your custom user interface is done via text messages that can be easily sent or received from your custom UI / QML code.

Demo applications made by us include fullmo CANopen drive configuration and monitoring apps. Or a stylish 3D teach-in and testing app for Jenny Science linear drives and the SpaceNavigator 3D input controller. Both were developed in record time, making use of Qt Creator, a freely available rapid prototyping tool for Qt Quick / QML.


Distribute Royalty-Free Runtime to Your Clients

fullmo Kickdrive offers a Runtime Generator function, which allows you to distribute your Kickdrive project as a single executable (.exe) file. No installation and no license keys are required for such runtime files.

Just try our downloadable Drive Script Playground example and see how great this looks and works.

For additional information, see also the Online Manual or contact our Technical Support.


For your own custom application, please contact us via email: We will be happy to provide additional information and a quote.

Drive Script Playground App


Kickdrive Drive State App 1


Kickdrive Drive State App 2


Kickdrive 3D Teach-In App



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