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Kickdrive User Manual

The CANopen Node module offers a basic configuration screen for any type of CANopen node, e.g. a third-party servo drive, I/O module or sensor device.

The Parameter Editor table contains a list of CANopen objects and their values, similar to the Object Editor.

For the selected object, additional display and editing controls are shown below the table. These elements are configurable by changing the UI Format column in Design Mode.




The appearance and behavior of the Parameter Editor depends on the Edit Mode setting. Some of the functionality described below is only relevant to specific Edit Mode settings.


hmtoggle_plus0Parameter Editor functions

toolbar_drive_upload_32x32 Read

Read the value of a parameter, or of the entire list, depending on the Edit Mode.

toolbar_drive_download_32x32 Write

Write to the device the value of a selected parameter, or of the entire list, depending on the Edit Mode.

toolbar_drive_parameters_store_32x32 Store

Store the written parameters permanently. I.e. the CANopen device will continue to use these values after a voltage reset. This function is used after writing modified values using the toolbar_drive_download_32x32 Write function.

toolbar_drive_parameters_reset_32x32 Reset

Reset all device parameters to the factory settings.

toolbar_edit_32x32Design Mode

Allows adding and removing parameters from the list, as well as editing the UI Format and Comment columns, to modify the display and editing controls used for this element.
In Design Mode you can:

Add more objects: Drag data objects from the Object Editor and drop them on the Parameter Editor. Alternatively, Copy data objects from the Object Editor and Paste them into the parameter table.

Modify the parameter's Name, UI Format and Comment. The UI Format configures the UI elements that are displayed for the parameter, as described in the UI Format documentation. The Comment defines the additional description text shown below the name in the UI elements' section.

Apply Scaling factors and formulas, in the same way as for the Object Editor.

Modify the Edit Mode.




User Level 2 is required for accessing Design Mode.

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