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Kickdrive User Manual

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UI Panel - Getting Started

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The Start/Stop buttons control whether the interface is live, meaning whether it is communicating with the actual network nodes (e.g. CANopen devices) and reading or writing the specified data objects.

Start designing or modifying your User Interface by clicking on the toolbar_edit_32x32 Design Mode toolbar button.



User Level 2 is required for accessing Design Mode.

In the Object Editor, edit the UI Format column of the parameters ( Data Objects ) you want to use for the UI Panel, to define their appearance and behavior. See UI Format Definition for syntax and examples.

After the UI Format value is set, create your visual control by dragging the data object row from the Object Editor table onto the UI Panel's white canvas area.

DataTable Show Data Objects will display a table with the current data objects and their controls' configuration. To modify the behavior of a created control, edit the UI Format column in the objects table. The UI will be refreshed with the latest changes. Appearance and positions are defined by the Instances column.

Use the Scaling column to scale the raw data object values, in the same way Scaling is used in the Object Editor and Scope modules. You may need to adjust the behavior of your UI controls based on the scaling. For example, adjust the range for a slider control to match the possible minimum and maximum values after scaling, or adjust the step size for a dial control.

To create multiple instances of the same data object, drag the data object from the table onto the canvas again.

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