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Node IDs and Multi-Node Panels

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The basic UI Panel examples provided are set to Node ID = 001. Resp., if you drag Data Objects from the Object Editor as described previously, they will use the Node ID from the Object Editor settings.

Using toolbar_edit_32x32Design Mode and with DataTableShow Data Objects activated, you can change Node IDs or duplicate a set of UI controls for a different Node ID or a second CANopen Device. Use the following functions, available from the toolbar:

toolbar_uicontrol_clone_32x32 Clone

After selecting one or several rows of the Data Objects table, use Clone to duplicate these elements and paste them into the UI Panel canvas using a different Node ID.



The cloned elements will receive the same Name text as the original elements. You can edit the text of the Name column in the Data Objects table so your UI elements show to which Node ID they belong. You can also use an application specific name, e.g. "print format adjustment 1".


toolbar_uicontrol_changeId_32x32 Change ID

Select one or several rows in the Data Objects table, then use Change ID to change the Node ID to a different value.

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