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Kickdrive User Manual

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Editing the Module Tree

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To edit the modules tree in the Kickdrive Main Screen, right-click on a module tile and choose an action from the displayed context menu.



User Level 2 is required for making the context menu accessible.

You can:

Cut, Copy or Paste a module within the modules tree. To copy modules between different projects, copy the module, then open the second Kickdrive project and paste into the module tree.  

Delete a module and its children from the project tree.

Rename a module.

The different Kickdrive modules have master/slave relations that are not visible in the modules tree. E.g. a CANopen Drive module always uses a CAN Interface module for CAN bus communication. When you rename such a slave module, e.g. from CAN Interface to CANUSB, the master/slave connections are automatically updated. However, when you Paste a module into a project, Kickdrive might not be able to automatically choose the correct slave(s) for this module. In this case, it is required to look at the original uncompressed project file (.kickpro file) and edit the related <slave> information manually.




Additional developer guides about the .kickpro file structure are available on request. Please contact your Application Support.



The module tree editing actions are not reversible. Make sure you have a backup version of your project before modifying its contents.

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