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Kickdrive - CANopen Tools for Windows

Q: How do I install and run the latest version of fullmo Kickdrive?

A: fullmo Kickdrive is a portable application, which means that no installation is required. Download the latest version of the application from our Download section. The self-extracting .exe archive allows you to copy all application files to the location you want to run Kickdrive from. Then start fullmoKickdrive.exe from this location.


Q: Why can I only download a trial version of fullmo Kickdrive? How do I get a full version?

A: To convert your trial version into the licensed version, all you need is to purchase a license. You can purchase your license in our Online Shop and register your application through the Help->Registration... menu option. Our Download section lists the limitations of the trial version.


Q: Which other CAN interfaces are supported by fullmo Kickdrive?

A: See a list of supported interfaces at our Third-Party Hardware Support section.


Q: Kickdrive reports an error when opening my CAN Interface. What should I do?

A: Check if your CAN-Interface is correctly connected and appears in the Windows Devices and Printers list, or in the Windows Device Manager. Especially when connecting the fullmo USB2drive for the first time, or to a different USB port, Windows can take up to one minute until the device is fully recognized and ready to use. Then go to the CAN Interface module in Kickdrive, and check the Communication Port settings. For fullmo USB2drive and USB-CAN interfaces the default setting (first found) works, but for third-party devices you need to choose or enter the name according to the Kickdrive User Manual - CAN Interface table.


Q: Can I display and edit HEX values in the Object Editor?

A: Simply type in a new value using either a 0xF634 or a F635h format. The values will now be displayed in HEX, even after re-reading from the device. Binary is also possible, using a 0b10110101 style format.


Q: Is there a lazy approach to creating a .kickzip from my .kickpro file and everything that surrounds it, including subfolders?

A: Install to the default location, and create a file called MakeKickZip.bat with the following line:

"C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" a -tzip "%~dpn1.kickzip" 

"%~dp1*" -r -x!*.kickzip -x!*.kicktpl -x!.svn

Put the MakeKickZip.bat file as an icon on your desktop, then just drag&drop a .kickpro file it and a .kickzip file is created. BTW - the above example already avoids than SVN source control or other internal files end up in the .kicktpl. Modify this as needed.


Q: I didn't find the answer to my question here. Can you help me?

A: For any information related to Kickdrive, please contact For position drives and other solutions in industry automation, please contact

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