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Kickdrive User Manual

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Network Manager

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Use the Network Manager to perform a baud rate and node scan for an unknown network, and build a Kickdrive setup and operation module for every supported drive node found.


Network Scan

Use the following procedure for a successful scan:

Connect the CAN Interface to the CANopen network

Connect the CAN Interface to your PC via USB.

Switch on power supply for the CANopen nodes

Make sure in the CAN Interface module, baud rate is set to either (Scan), or the actual baud rate of your network

Choose toolbar_busScan_32x32 Scan Network to find out about:
Scanned Node IDs -  all existing node IDs within this network
Configurable Node IDs - supported drive nodes available for setup and operation through Kickdrive

Choose toolbar_build_project_32x32 Build Project to create a Kickdrive module for each of the IDs listed in the Configurable Node IDs text field.




Never use baud rate scan or similar configuration tasks in running machinery or in a CANopen application in normal operation. See also the additional information in the CAN Interface module description.


Node Monitor

You can use the Node Monitor for a simple network overview which displays some basic information on every Node ID that is listed in the Scanned Node IDs text field.

Make sure the Scanned Node IDs list is the list of nodes you want to monitor.

Click the DataTable Node Mon. Config to display a list of parameters that should be read for every node. You can drag additional Data Objects from the Object Editor module, and drop them on the Node Monitoring Configuration table.

In the UI Format column, use the updates: keyword to specify how the values should be obtained, e.g.
updates:r - read only once when starting the Node Monitor
updates:r2000 - read every 2000 milliseconds
(See UI Panel / UI Format Definition section for additional details on the updates: specifier)

Click on toolbar_player_32x32_Play Node Monitor to start the network overview / node monitoring.




Node Monitor uses SDO transfer for reading out the values from the network nodes. Please make sure this is not conflicting with other operations on the CANopen network, e.g. service operation tasks such as Firmware downloads.

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